Dacia wiper blade replacement in the North of England​

Regular replacement of your car’s windscreen wipers is essential. It is estimated that approximately 20 percent of all road accidents are the result of poor visibility. This can be caused by any number of things, not least faulty wipers that are unable to displace, for example, surplus moisture caused by rain.

During the summer months you will rarely have to use your wipers, but that will all change when the weather is more inclement, bringing rain and/or snow. If you can’t see through your windscreen clearly, you are putting yourself and your co-passengers in danger, not to mention other road users.

The safety aspect is, of course, the most important one but there is also a potential cost implication. If you happen to be stopped by the police and they deem your car’s wipers to be faulty, you could be liable for a fine of £1,000. Furthermore, points could be added to your driver’s license. Defective windscreen wipers will also mean that your car will fail its MOT.

Indications of wiper inefficiency include unusual noises every time they are operated and/or streaky windscreens as a result of patchy wiping. 

We recommend that you have your wipers changed at least once a year. This includes the whole blade, not just the rubber refills, thus ensuring that optimal contact with the surface of the windscreen is maintained.

If you believe that your Dacia’s windscreen wipers are not performing to their maximum capabilities, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice or replacement. Our highly trained technicians will perform the task quickly, efficiently and inexpensively, using genuine Dacia replacement parts only.