Dacia bodywork protection in the north of England

Dacia vehicles are among the most reliable available today, and they are designed to offer plenty of security for each passenger. There’s always more that can be done, however, to protect the Dacia itself so that it lasts even longer – and continues to look as good as ever.

Dacia has created a special formula that, when applied to your vehicle’s bodywork, will make it more resistant to wear and tear caused by the elements and other factors. Any dirt or grit that might usually become attached and even ingrained is repelled so that your Dacia’s paintwork looks its pristine best.

Just as we can take care of the outside of your vehicle in this way, we can also ensure that the interior is treated too, by applying a unique hydrofuge solution. With its liquid-repelling properties, this formula helps to significantly minimise both grime and humidity within a car.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like your Dacia to receive special treatment inside and out. You can make an appointment anytime you wish by completing our online contact form, to which we will always respond as quickly as we possibly can.

Alternatively, please phone or visit our Northallerton or Darlington dealerships any day of the week.