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The Dacia brand represents top-quality motoring at affordable prices. The marque launched in 2012 in the UK and it wasn’t long before it was winner of the Buyer’s Award in 2013, as presented by Carbuyer.

Motoring is not just a means of getting from point A to point B; time spent driving can be a pleasurable one, particularly with your favourite multimedia content to enjoy. In fact, you can listen to your best-loved tunes – or a wide range of radio stations – while navigating your journeys with ease. This is thanks to multimedia technology that is available to Dacia vehicles.

Must-have Media Nav

Media Nav uses technology created by NAVTEQ and LG Electronics. NAVTEQ, at the time of its acquisition by Nokia, was the world’s biggest provider of digital map data equipment. LG, meanwhile is one of the globe’s leading manufacturers of electronic systems, including data and telecommunications.

The result is Dacia’s Media Nav system, which comes with a seven-inch touchscreen and a range of features. These include radio, media access, navigation and mapping functionality and convenient telephone communication.

The latter, in particular, is something that you can enjoy without compromising road safety. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can make and receive calls whenever you want – without ever taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road.

Once your phone is paired with Media Nav – a task that can be performed in three easy steps – you can then access your contacts via the touchscreen display.

Sounds good

Bluetooth is also a great asset when it comes to streaming your favourite audio content from your smartphone. You can also connect other compatible media devices, such as an iPod or MP3 player, via USB and AUX inputs.

These same devices can also be charged as you drive. What’s more, connection via a USB port automatically detects your audio files’ metadata, displaying relevant information, such as album art, artist and titles on the touchscreen.

Media Nav provides intuitive access to an array of radio stations too, making it possible to store up to 24 of your favourite channels. While you listen to a particular station, pertinent information is displayed on the touchscreen, such as the name of the artist and song title.

You can stay tuned-in to your favourite station too, even if the radio frequency changes, because Media Nav will automatically make the transition. The inclusion of RDS means that you can also receive up-to-the-minute traffic alerts to help you optimise your route planning.

Media Nav also enables you to adjust where audio content is directed within the cabin, as well as easily fine-tune settings such as volume and bass levels.

Enjoy your trip

So that you can get to your destination on time and with the minimum of fuss, Media Nav provides you with two modes: Map and Navigation. The former allows you to enjoy conventional map-reading, while the latter also gives directions and information regarding points of interest and GPS co-ordinates, among other things.

It’s also possible to change the layout of the map from standard 2D view to 3D Birdview, and vice versa. You can use voice guidance to zoom in and out, too. Media Nav also provides optional routes, so that you can make an informed choice as to which course to take, based on real-time traffic conditions.

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