Dacia mirror maintenance in North Yorkshire and County Durham

A car’s mirrors are a vital element of driver visibility; they provide a view of areas of the road that would otherwise be impossible to see at a glance.

Side-view mirrors help to eliminate blind spots and they are also essential aids when it comes to parking. Rear-view mirrors are just as important. In fact they are a key fundamental of the safe motoring mantra: mirror, signal, manoeuvre.

It’s your vehicle’s wing mirrors that are most likely to sustain damage. By necessity, they protrude from the car’s flanks and are usually the first thing to be damaged, whether by passing vehicles or acts of hooliganism.

If you notice that your side-view mirrors aren’t providing you with the kind of visibility that you are used to, don’t hesitate to get them checked by experts.

This is where we come in. At RMB Automotive, we possess a first-class technical facility that is populated by a Dacia-trained team to service and repair all models. This includes mirrors. Quite often it’s just the glass that needs to be replaced, which we can do easily and cost-effectively. If there’s more sustained damage to the vehicle’s mirror shells and/or power-operated mechanism, we will be able to rectify that too.

We use only genuine Dacia parts that are guaranteed to perform perfectly and last longer than inferior components.

To book your car in for an appointment, please complete our online contact form. If you prefer, please feel free to phone or visit our Darlington or Northallerton branches, each of which is open daily.