Dacia Keys

For more flexibility and peace of mind why not purchase an additional key?

It's important you look after your keys, because without them you might find yourself in a sticky situation:

  • Not being able to get into your car because the doors are locked!
  • Unable to start your car, even after managing to get into your vehicle.

Over time your Dacia's key battery efficiency will reduce, so its important to check the battery works on a regular basis.

Ordering a genuine Dacia key from RMB Dacia has a number of benefits:

  • Competitive prices
  • Expert equipment to configure your plip key

If there are more than two drivers within the family, why not consider ordering a third key to save you from continuously passing the keys around? No one will ever have to search around the house again as you'll all have your own set.

Have you lost your car keys before? Don't wait until you lose them again before you order a spare key.