Brake servicing for your Dacia in the North of England​

A car’s brakes are certainly one of its most important features, along with tyres and shock absorbers. If the brakes aren’t working efficiently, they represent a serious risk to you and your co-passengers, not to mention other road users and pedestrians, too.

When your car’s braking system is operating perfectly, it engenders greater motoring confidence, knowing that you should typically be able to stop the vehicle in good time.

Normal wear and tear can result in defective brakes, something that is not always easy to discern at first. There are a few tell-tale signs, however. These include ever-increasing braking distances, a vibration effect every time you apply the brakes, or the pedal not responding properly, resulting in the car drifting.

At RMB Automotive, we recommend that you have your vehicle’s brakes tested every 24 months (or 12,000 miles). We also advise that brake fluids are changed every 48 months (or 75,000 miles). Last but not least, we strongly suggest that your Dacia’s brake pads are cleaned every 36 months (or 37,000 miles).

One sure way to preserve the integrity of your vehicle’s braking system is by practicing common-sense driving, particularly when it comes to excessive acceleration and application of brake pressure.

If you are at all uncertain about the current state of your Dacia’s brakes, brake fluid or brake pads, don’t hesitate to contact us for a service. Our expertly trained technicians are on hand to provide your car with the best possible care – and our maintenance fees are very competitive, too.