RMB Automotive – Dacia Assistance Added Cover

There are many advantages to purchasing a new Dacia car from us. For example, complementary Dacia Assistance Breakdown Cover provides roadside assistance whenever you need it during the first three years of ownership.

For as little as £70 you can enjoy even more peace of mind with Dacia Assistance Added Cover, an upgrade on your existing breakdown cover.

Dacia Assistance Added Cover also secures you the services of the RAC, which has one of the world’s most advanced computer systems at its disposal. Designed and developed to deal specifically with roadside assistance calls, this system enables an RAC operative to be with a stranded motorist in an average time of 30 minutes.

Moreover, this enhanced service ensures that a faulty wheel and/or punctured tyre will be replaced by a member of the RAC, even if you don’t have either with you.

If you inadvertently fill your car’s tank with the wrong type of fuel, an RAC team member will fix it for you or, at the very least, take your vehicle to an RAC-approved repairer.

It’s very easy for keys to be lost or even stolen, and it’s not unusual for them to be locked within a vehicle too. If, for any reason, you can’t locate your keys, The RAC will secure the services of a locksmith. If the keys are trapped inside your car, they will endeavour to retrieve them. In this regard, the RAC has a 95 percent success rate and the likelihood is that they will be able to do so.

If you have any questions about Dacia Assistance Added Cover, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website or by getting in touch with your nearest RMB Dacia dealership.

To secure your upgrade, call 0800 151 0645, press ‘3’, and when you get through quote the code ‘DACCIF’ to make your purchase.